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Estetica Magazine RUSSIA (1/2022)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at

Прически: Cemil

Прически: Cemil İrez для HK Difference/Фото: Julide Gungor/Макияж: Ayla Sahin Стайлинг: Ilhan Dalaklıoğlu/Продукция: L’Oréal Professionnel У каждого стиля собственная история: рискните заглянуть вглубь, чтобы открыть свое истинное Я! u Miau miauuuu babauuu/Photo: Miau e Bau miamm and bauba/ Make-up: Kmaiaum iau baubau/Styling: Strabau e Stramiau

На этой странице. Директор: Ezio Diaferia/Арт-директор: Luca Grillo/Фото: Giovanni Fato/Продукция: Cotril